Love for outdoors fuels us at The Highroad and gives the opportunity to create some enthralling content. The Highroad is a full service production house and post company. Over the last 5 years we've created Shows, TVC's, Webseries, Native Advertising Content, Influencer video campaigns, Expedition after-movies and much more. That’s not it, our team has much more to offer than just cinematic experiences, we're strong in photography and specialize in graphics, print, web, animation, music and sound design too.

An upper to our technical capabilities is that all key members of the Highroad team lead a high adrenaline lifestyle. We understand the heightened mental and physical challenges involved in producing non-fiction work A major part of our year is spent travelling, which gives us an edge to create reality based content.



We like to think ahead of times and offer turnkey video production solutions delivering high quality content in small, medium and large formats. A YouTube data analysis revealed that travel related content views are 118 percent up year over year.


Over and above our filming expertise, all key members of the Highroad team have innate flair for photography. We've spent years honing our skills in travel, landscape, portraiture, automotive, architecture, aerial and 360° photography.


With years of experience in Aerial cinematography, Highroad provides state of the art stabilised 4K footage using drones. We provide complete end to end solutions to all your needs from the sky.


At the Highroad, we continually strive to deliver more engaging and immersive content in new mediums. That's why we offer 360° video in full HD so your view never miss a moment or the view. VR is definitely the future of content.


With the amount of days our team spends in outdoors, we have access to some of the best vantage points ideal for breathtaking time lapses and hyper lapses. Be it nature unfolding in all it glory or cities coming to life, our team has the expertise, patience and tenacity to push the limits.


A full time professional edit team is ready to meet all your video and sound requirements here at the Highroad. We always strive hard to deliver, real like aftereffects, CGI, 2D/3D animation, gripping background scores, sound design and keep up with the latest trends in color grading.




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